Question Of The Day: What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up



Happy Monday everybody! Today I’m thinking about how what we wanted to do as children can impact how we act and the career we go into as an adult.

It’s always funny to throw fancy dress parties where everyone dresses as what they wanted to be.

Some people turn up as doctors, teachers, and garbage men. Others turn up as trees or dogs with hilarious stories.

In our office, we all wanted to be different things. I used to spend ages creating comic books for my brother.



And for a while, I wanted to be a writer. You can’t take that too seriously though, because I also wanted to be a pop star, and design my own shopping mall.





I loved Britney, Baby Spice, and Barbie dolls. So it’s no surprise that I dyed my hair blonde as soon as I could. And kept it blonde. Obviously those role models I had meant a lot to me in adult life, too.

We chatted about this in the office. I was quite surprised to know that our assistant editor Libby wanted to be a Vicar.

She’s the furthest thing from a Vicar. But she loved the Vicar of Dibley so much that it influenced her career choice.

What people wanted to be as a child really reveals things about them.

It got me thinking though, I want to know what you wanted to be when you were a kid. And what you grew up into.

How did what you wanted to be as a child influence your career choice as an adult? Or didn’t it? Maybe in some level, the things that interest us as children do come with us into adulthood.

I’m excited to hear what you wanted to be when you grew up – and what you grew up into. Share your stories with me in the comments, girls!




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