30 Things To Do Before You Reach 30



It started on my 23rd birthday. I woke up and I thought about how fast the past year had gone, and whether I’d hit the goals I’d set out to. I love trying new things, but sometimes I need a little nudge.

We all do! Which is why it’s good to keep coming back to your bucket list and see how much you’ve achieved. Don’t worry I’ll share my thirty things to do before turning thirty list with you. Have you already achieved these? Are you working towards them?

Let me know in the comments below!



1. Do something that scares the hell outta ya! 

Go bungee jumping, go swim with sharks, or in my case hold a spider!


2. Gamble and live it up

Go to Vegas and have one big blow out!


3. Have something to look back on

Create a scrapbook or even a wall of your life that include pictures, tickets, and keepsakes!


4. Take your cooking skills to the next level

Learn some difficult new dishes that will impress anyone at any dinner party!


5. Travel to the unknown:

Go somewhere really exotic that you’ve always dreamed of visiting. Places like Bali, Thailand, Chile, Cuba, and Brazil are incredible!


6. Admire yourself

Have a self-portrait of yourself to display in your home, be proud and show off a little bit!



7. Let go of the past

Learn to leave all the negative things where they belong; behind you in the past!



8. Invest 

Clue yourself up about investments and make some extra money on the side!


9. Treat yourself

Allow yourself to invest in that Gucci handbag, I mean you use one everyday right?


10. Be fancy

Try some fancy foods from some real fancy restaurants!


11. Be a part of history

Make sure you don’t miss out on any important marches! Stand for something! Stand up for yourself and your rights!


12. Take advantage of every weekend

Make sure to do something every weekend, whether it’s taking a new class, or having dinner with the girls make sure to go out and do it!


13. Go to Coachella

Because you just HAVE to do it whilst you can!


14. Do yoga on the beach

Practice your relaxation technique in one of the most relaxing spots!


15. Decorate and renovate

Take your home from young professional to chic!


16. Do one good deed for someone every day

Do something nice for someone every day and see how it makes you feel better about yourself!


17. Hit an ice bar

Go grab your friends and get drunk in an ice bar!


18. Have a day dedicated to your childhood

Eat all those 90’s foods, go roller skating, play with Polly Pockets and, or even re-watch some of your fav old school shows! Do the things you remember from your earlier days that make you smile!


19. Learn a new language

It’s something you’ve always wanted to do, so do it! Take it step by step and eventually you’ll know more than you think!


20. Throw yourself the most outrageous birthday party

Throw yourself the biggest bash and enter your 30’s in style!


21. Take an impulsive weekend away with your bestie

Get away and soak up some sun last minute and maybe get some cocktails in!


22. Rough it up

No don’t go glamping, go camping, it’s not exactly the most glamorous thing in the world, but you will have some laughs… afterward


23. Go on a road trip

Probably one of the most funniest things ever! Everyone loves a road trip!


24. Know what you want from a guy

Have no time for the losers, and have your sights set on the Mark Darcy’s instead!


25. Go skinny dipping 

Even if you just do it the once!


26. Be financially independent 

Know how to manage your money, when you can spend and when you can’t. And of course, savings are important!


27. Know how to stand up for yourself

Learn how to say no, and know when you need to speak up!


28. Set yourself a reading goal

How many books do you want to read in one year? Now, what books do you want to read by the time you’re 30?


29. Forget fad diets

Know that there are better ways of looking after your body – and that’s with a balance!



30. Be someone different for one night only

Let yourself go, do something silly, and be Sasha Fierce for the night!



Tell me about your bucket list! What are the things you want to do before 30? Or have you already done some of these on the list?



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