How To Plan A Super Productive Week


successful work week looks structured, organized and managed. It’s where you’ve ticked off all your to-dos and have even had the time for yourself, too. So, if you want your week to look like this instead,

here’s how I plan a super successful week, every week.


Do a brain dump. The one thing I do when I first come into the office is dump everything I need to do this week down on paper. That includes all my personal to-dos and work tasks I need to remember. I grab my Getting Things Done Planner and I just freely write everything.

After that, I go back in and create structure for myself, allocating times to do the tasks I need to and writing them out on the other pages of my daily planner to make sure I’m getting things done on time.

Why it works: Using your brain to store information and ideas isn’t a good use of your time. It won’t help you work smarter, and will create stress, so put it down into a trusted system to be able to process it better.


Get your least favorite tasks out of the way. Tuesdays have become my days to do the things I just dislike doing. Things like decluttering my inbox and organizing spreadsheets.

Why it works: My natural impulse is to leave those tasks until the end of the week, but streamlining these things will make me more productive throughout the week, and if I get the most hated tasks out of the way first, I won’t be dreading them all week.


Workout. I have a workout schedule to follow, and without fail, I will workout on Wednesday. If I still have work to do or other tasks to check in with, I will set them aside. This is time for me, just 30 minutes after work is usually enough for me.

Why it works: Working out helps me firstly to process the week, but also to release tension. It also gives me a mood boost, there’s no such thing as hump day when you’ve flooded your brain with endorphins after a workout.


Take a quiet moment to reflect. By Wednesday, my week has already taken off crazily. So, it’s really important that I take a moment to slow it all down. I don’t meditate in the traditional sense, I will take 10-15 minutes without my phone after work to reflect on what I need to do and what’s been going well so far.

Why it works: For me, it just gives me that perfect mid-week break. It really just slows the world down and gives me the clarity to think about my week with a more clear, level head.


Start prepping. I always do my weekly shop after work on a Friday. I love to plan my meals for the weekend because I have more time to cook, and this is made easier with my Getting Things Done Planner because I can plan every meal out for the upcoming week!

Why it works: Making sure my meals for next week are prepped on a Friday not only allows me to have more of a weekend but also a strong start for the week ahead.

How do you plan your week? Do you do the same thing every day? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below.



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