15 Vegan Treats To Upgrade Your Cheat Day With

I’m only allowed one cheat day a week, so this usually means I spend half my week fantasizing and counting down the days until I can go wild with my recipes.

But do you ever eat your indulgent cheat meal and not feel so good afterward? Every cheat meal left me bloated, sluggish and generally feeling not very good at all. And that’s what inspired me to make my cheat day a little bit healthier with these vegan treats:


1. Avocado Lime Ice Cream 


Find the recipe here

Calories: 220

Time:  15 minutes

You should know by now how good avocados are for you! And I never knew you could make avocado ice-cream, which means your summer is about to get a lot more exciting and healthier!


2. Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos


Find the recipe here

Calories: 101 

Time: 25 mins 

I love this meal because it’s really light, really tasty and really refreshing. So, when the weather is warm and the sun is shining this is my go-to food!


3. Honey Sriracha Tofu Recipe


Find the recipe here

Calories: 379

Time: 15 mins 

This treat is really quick and really easy to make. It’s hot and it’s sweet and is much cheaper than ordering in from your favorite Asian restaurant. You will not be disappointed!


4. The Vegan Buddha Bowl


Find the recipe here

Calories: 556

Time: 40 minutes

The best thing about this recipe is the red pepper sauce! And that’s what makes it feel like a treat for me. This meal is really filling and definitely not too naughty!


5. Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake Bites


Find the recipe here

Calories: 101

Time: 2-3 hours (with freezing)

I love love love Strawberry Cheesecake, but going vegan meant I had to mix things up a little bit. And I could snack on these small bites all day long! MMM!


6. Raw Snickers Doughnuts


Find the recipe here

Calories: 250 per serving

Time: 1hr 30 mins

If you love to bake then you’ll really enjoy making these. They’re definitely very naughty, but it wouldn’t be a cheat day if you were trying to be 100% good!


7. Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Freezer Fudge


Find the recipe here

Calories: 140 per serving

Time: 2 hrs

Who doesn’t love cookie dough? And who doesn’t love eating the mixture when you’re baking anyway? Well now you can enjoy them all you want – just don’t eat too many!


8. Coconut Blueberry Smash Pops


Find the recipe here

Calories: 95 per serving

Time: 10 mins

I love anything that’s really refreshing and tasty and that’s exactly what I get from these popsicles. Trust me, you’ll be addicted especially with the hotter months approaching.


9. Matcha Ice Pops


Find the recipe here

Calories: 9o per serving

Time: 5 min prep – six hr freeze

Just like the same as above, I love anything like this! I find them so refreshing and when you can mix things in like Matcha you feel super healthy and energized! Rather than guilty and bloated!


10. Pistachio Chocolate Banana Sushi


Find the recipe here

Calories: 150

Time: 15 mins

I’m a really big fan of bananas, I can’t survive without them during mid-morning. And seeing as they’re rich in potassium it means your heart will be well looked after! Plus if you’re looking for a snack this one is really good!


11. Vegan Skillet Lasagna With Homemade Almond Ricotta 


Find the recipe here

Calories: 13o est. per small serving

Time: 1 hr 

I love a really nice hearty meal, especially one I can take time cooking for my friends and lasagna is one of my favorites! So, if you’re looking for something warm then this is the one for you!


12. The Green Warrior Burger


Find the recipe here

Calories: 250 

Time: 30 mins

I was also a massive burger fan before I made the switch, and vegan burgers for me, if anything is tastier because you get to play around with flavors more because you don’t have meat to focus on.


13. Hummus Wrap with Halloumi


Find the recipe here

Calories: 471

Time: 20 mins

Sometimes, even on a cheat day, I’m just looking for a quick recipe that’s tasty and fulfilling. And this recipe ticks all of those boxes for me!


14. Rhubarb Rose Dark Chocolate Parfait


Find the recipe here

Calories: 499

Time: 35 mins

Rhubarb is one of the tastiest things on this planet and it is super good for you too – it helps your bones be strong and even helps prevent Alzheimer’s! Plus, when you make it into a dessert like this you definitely can’t go wrong.


15. Gluten-Free Vegan Carrot Muffins


Find the recipe here

Calories: 200

Time: 40 mins

Who doesn’t love a good muffin? And when you’re vegan, it’s quite hard to prepare one!  But with playing around with ingredients you can make the perfect one! And that taste of carrot is different, which is what I like the most about this recipe.




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