How To Plan Your Month According To Your April Horoscope


Want to prepare for what April has in store? Scroll down and find your horoscope below:



Prepare for a lot of April showers this month Aries. But this doesn’t necessarily signal sad and bad things. These showers are a metaphor for the difficulties you’ll be experiencing with your work life and your finances.

But don’t fear these difficulties, Aries, because they will give you some valuable knowledge going forward and will be a good growing experience for you.

Because after the showers come the flowers, so persevere because by the end of the month some good news will be coming your way alongside a proposal for a new venture!


April has a lot of good things in store for you Taurus, over the next few weeks, you’ll begin to come to an understanding of why someone you’re not particularly fond of acts the way they do. Because they’re about to make an effort and will begin to treat you with the respect you deserve.

And this will bring you closer in ways you could have never expected. From this, your other relationships will begin to get stronger, more open and more welcoming.

But in terms of your career and money, there’s going to be an offer coming to you in the middle of the month that will require you to do a lot of thinking. This offer could be a job, a partnership or even an investment opportunity.

Don’t make any rash decisions, instead interview and ask anyone who has the relevant experience to advise you on your next step. And by the end of the month, you’ll be well equipped with some new learning experiences that will open up a new path that will be very intriguing for you.



Recently you have been given some advice towards how to deal with a particularly difficult relationship. You have since dealt with this issue successfully. But this month it’s important you continue this.

Keep the advice at the forefront of your mind and never forget it again. This will help you overcome any misunderstandings and make them easier to overcome.

Make sure to plan wisely when it comes to your finances. Because this month there’s a costly expense is coming your way.

This is something you want, but also something you’ll need. And don’t let special deals or discounts push your decision. Make sure to think about this purchase and see what is the best and right thing for you too.

Something to do with your home life will arise around the third week of this month. And this will bring some happy news and a change that you have been waiting for. So hang on to this change and make it last.


Cancer, you may be feeling somewhat lost right now. You may feel like you have been giving so much effort to something and it’s not paid off or been validated.

Moonchild, you’ve been trying, but don’t let the fact that you have nothing to show for it demotivate you. Because think about it, in reality, you have gained the insight and the experience that will help you in the future.

This month, you will begin to see this and even use this knowledge in unrelated ways. And you’ll need it because you’re about to become the center of a work project. Take charge of this project Cancer if you feel the need to because your role is important regardless of how big or small.

I would advise you going into the third week of the month to shake things up. You need to now focus on changing a pattern that you have become comfortable with. Because this pattern has brought you nothing but trouble in the past. And now is the appropriate time to fix this.


You’ve had a lucky break recently Leo and it has turned out to be even better than you could have ever imagined.

And in order to feel the full rewards of this chance, you need to pour yourself into it fully. So, forget the excuses you’ve been telling yourself at the start of the month and get involved. Because the longer you wait, the less powerful this opportunity will be.

Around the third week of April, you will begin to notice a pattern that’s been repeating over and over again with a friend. And this will only add to your suspicions about what really is going on. But Leo, if you address this directly matters may become a little more complicated as the other party is not ready to discuss it. So just be calm and accept that this matter will become clearer over time instead.

By the end of the month, an associate of yours will try an recruit you as a team member for some sort of investment. But be careful Leo, this offer is not what it seems.


Gear up Virgo because a recent quest may be about to move a lot more quickly than you had previously anticipated. But because there is so much to do in order to prepare for this it may pull you away from some more of your formal responsibilities.

So, this month you need to sit down with yourself and go through all the facts and plans. You need to see if you can figure out a manageable timeframe for putting it all into action so you can still bear in mind your other responsibilities.

Virgo, for much of this month you may find yourself in a dreamy romantic state of play. And this could prompt you for planning ahead for an exotic vacay. And if you’re in a relationship, this could be a good thing to strengthen that bond. However, if you’re single this is your chance to mingle.

And to end your month, you will have to deal with a business situation that you have persistently been trying to put off. During this time you may feel angry with yourself that you did this, but don’t dwell on the then and instead focus on tying up these loose ends.


Libra, last month you were thinking a lot about money and could have caused yourself some stress. But know that this was necessary for you as now you have created a more stable and stronger financial plan for yourself.

And because of this, these actions will begin to pay off in April, which will bring you some new insight into your finances. It will even make you realize that you are better than this than you first thought. And use this confidence to help further you in your financial challenge.

Be wary Libra, an old flame is coming back into your life in a most unexpected way. And if you’re in a relationship this is going to cause some tension between you and your partner, even if it’s not something you asked for.

However, if you are single prepare for the stress that’s going to be attached to this reconnection due to some unresolved issues between the two of you.

My advice to you would be to deal with this in your own mind and focus on moving on rather than dealing with this old flame directly. For the rest of the month make sure to keep a level-head and rely on your common sense and you’ll be sure to find a way through it all.


Scorpio, you’ve been going through a lot of ups and downs recently due to an opportunity that has more flaws than it does positive effects. But hopefully, by now you have considered and weighed all the positives and negatives and have come to a conclusion about this and thought about your next steps.

And this month is the perfect time to follow through on your plan. But try to see this as a beginning as to what is to come rather than a commitment. And it is highly likely that you will discover that it’s right for you. But as with anything, it’s important that you try and test it first.

This month Scorpio, you will probably find yourself drawn to an expression of art. And this may prompt you to take up a hobby that you’ve always had an interest in and now is your chance to find a deeper meaning.

And whilst this may not seem important now it could actually lead to a business or social connection that will be very rewarding.

The last thing you need to prepare for comes at the end of the month Scorpio, a family member has been trying to stir up trouble throughout the month and you’ve made your best efforts to stay away from the conflict. But in order to nip it in the bud before it gets worse, you’ll have to intervene Scorpio.


Entering April, you may be surprised to see that your family drama has finally calmed down.And it may be true that your family is currently getting on better than before and perhaps better than ever. And you have a lot to do with this Sagittarius, but remember not to make it a personal duty/responsibility. You are dealing with adults, who know how to behave!

This month in work will see a lot of ups and downs I’m afraid – especially if you’re working on a big project. But that’s fine – you’re used to rolling with the punches. These problems will only really arise through miscommunications and confusion that may not seem solvable at that moment. But remember to be patient, because with time you’ll figure it out.

Keep your eyes wide open Sagittarius, because you may have to deal with some legal documents this month, which will require a lot of your attention. Make sure to read this paper thoroughly and then to read it over again. It might even be wise to get a friend who understands this information to take a look at it for you too.

But all in all, Sag, April will come to a satisfying end where you can finally relax once more.


Capricorn, this month will bring a lot of moments of bliss for you, but know there will be an equal of amount of drama to go with it. Especially in regards to your romantic life.

It’s all good things for those of you who are in relationships as you get more opportunity to be romantic with each other. For those of you who are single, there will be some interest from someone you have admired for a long time.

However, the air of romance will also lead to some very confusing, mixed messages and misunderstandings that will create some challenges for you.

Don’t push on these though Capricorn, be patient and await signs from your partner or love interest before you do anything.

And just a little warning, someone will come to you with a secret sometime this month and it’s absolutely important that you don’t share this secret even though you will be tempted to. Otherwise, this could be disastrous.


Aquarius, aren’t you lucky? This month is going to be a calm, peaceful month for you, well, that is if you’ve allowed yourself to feel harmonious. Because, as we know, there’s always the option to gravitate towards drama. So, make sure you choose peace!

In recent weeks, you’ve managed to find your balance and that has really turned you into the confident, patient person you’ve been trying to become. And because confidence is a thing we all struggle with, you’ve found yourself growing more and more every day.

A great desire of yours for a while now has been prosperity and let me tell you, it’s coming your way. There will be an opportunity and a foundation where you can grow something really positive and it will only bring good things to you.

In the past, you may have been a bit of unsure about your life choices. But now, you know exactly what you want. You are on the right direct path now and as time goes on you’ll have a profound sense that you are exactly where you’re supposed and want to be.


Now, Pisces, what have you been up to? I can see that you may be considering taking back an old friend or flame that has previously betrayed you! And of course, this is all down to your kind and forgiving nature – you like to show empathy to others who you feel are suffering and tend to make a lot of excuses for them.

But Pisces, think about yourself now. Think about what this person has done to you in the past and what you’ve been through because of it. And finally, recognize Pisces that you deserve the best of the best – not that person who could do it to you in the first place.

However, it’s your choice to make, and before you do just make sure to think about it for the duration of April and see how you feel later on.

Open your eyes to a certain person who is going to come into your life by accident. This person will bring with them great opportunities for you and show you new worlds. But this will only happen if you keep a good communication going with this person.




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