How To Make Coffee Like A Pro

Hi, I’m Celina and I’m the Founder of CGD! And as you can imagine my days get a little bit busy, which means coffee is my absolute go-to in the morning!

There’s nothing better than waking up, brewing your coffee and taking your first sip – I mean, it’s just heaven! Do you know what I mean?

For me, coffee means getting things done. There’s nothing I love more than making the perfect cup to start my day with. And now I have a go-to recipe that’s not only delicious but healthy too…



On the weekends, I would also leave my house just to buy a coffee. But, sometimes there would be those Saturdays where I didn’t feel like leaving the house.

And that’s when I began making my own special blend, which worked out to be SO much cheaper! And plus, why go buy a coffee when you can make it even better at home?

Plus, it’s become an essential part of my morning routine. Around 7 am, after my shower, I fill up my big mug, sit down on the couch and watch the news. For these 15 minutes, I don’t do anything else, but sit down with myself in peace before my day starts.



I don’t own a coffee machine, and I believe that you don’t need a big fancy expensive machine to make the perfect cup. Plus, I live in London so space is very limited – especially when your kitchen is now taken up by a massive new Ninja blender (best thing ever by the way).

But making the perfect cup starts with, of course, the coffee. And being the addict that I am, I’ve finally found my favorite brand. I love Little’s Coffee because it’s instant, Colombian, organic and traded fairly. Not only this, but they have SO many flavors to choose from that are all to die for! But for me, there’s nothing better than the French Vanilla blend!



Did you know that you should keep your coffee in a cool, dark place? And once opened, after two weeks it’s no longer good! But with Little’s Coffee, the jar is quite small, which means you won’t be drinking it past its sell-by!

And how you boil your coffee plays a big part too! Have you ever had a coffee that was too hot and the beans were burnt? Not a good taste, and not brewed at the current temperature! The perfect temperature is between 90-96C and you should always wait 30 seconds after the kettle has boiled!

Pour just the right amount of water. Allow the liquid to go just above your beans so the water can absorb the coffee. After thirty seconds stir then add the rest of the warm water. You’ll be surprised how much sharper the coffee tastes this way!



I really try my best to live a healthier lifestyle, especially with work, being the Founder & CEO I’m required to be the best version of myself at all times! So, I’m really careful with what I put into my body.

And even though I love coffee, I try to limit myself to no more than two cups a day because too much caffeine isn’t healthy for you.

So, I try to make coffee as healthy as possible. It’s really important that I’m in control of what I’m putting in my coffee, so rather than normal milk I use a special brand of Almond Milk because it’s a healthier alternative and adds a nutty taste to my coffee!

My favorite trick is heating up the milk first before I add it to my coffee. Put your milk in the microwave for thirty seconds and your coffee will be HOT!

I then, add Monin Sugar-Free Vanilla Syrup, which I usually get from Amazon. This usually makes my coffee a little bit sweeter without the added calories because it’s so easy to turn a 70 calorie cup into a 300 calorie cup without even realizing!



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Elizabeth Smith

Hi, I’m an Editorial Assistant and Content Creator here at CGD!
I’m an ambitious award winning writer with an extensive background in literature and critical theory.
I specialise also in digital marketing, creating engaging content, working with press and creating client relations.

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