What Are London Girls Wearing To Work?

There’s no better feeling than walking through the central streets of London, coffee in one hand, your handbag in the other, styled to perfection and ready for the day. Walking through the streets of London like this makes me feel like I belong. It feels natural to be amongst the suits and the business of the city, especially when you yourself are one of them.

Together you strut through the streets, rushing through the city, running to get through the sliding doors of the tube. Fashion is feeling. It’s not just about looking good, but it’s about feeling it. It’s about feeling powerful and fearless. And if there’s one thing I love, it’s the other city girls dressed for their nine-to-fives and seeing what they’re wearing to conquer the day.

And London may not be the capital city for fashion, but it the central hub for bustling creatives and savvy professionals and it’s interesting to see how these women stand out in their workplace. So, if you’re like me and love to nose at other people’s outfits and let them inspire your own, then you NEED to check out what London girls are wearing to work right now:


2. Joanne Hegarty 


The London based journalist is a turned blogger/stylish has her workwear wardrobe together. If you’re ever short of inspiration you need to follow her on Instagram and find out how to dress in this heat!


3. Emma Rose Thatcher

@emmarosestyleEmma Rose Thatcher is one of the co-founders of @astylealbum and a Who What Wear contributor. Her outfits are always cool, not too stuffy but still balance on the borders of professionalism. This outfit is colorful, edgy and chic and the accessories make it all that better.


3. Gabriele Hackworthy


Gabriele Hackworthy is the editorial fashion director of Net-a-Porter and fashion director of Porter magazine. And her shoe collection is one Carrie Bradshaw would be jealous of. When it comes to her wardrobe, she keeps it simple and lets her shoes do the talking, or in this case, her legs…


4. Laura Fantacci


She’s the co-founder of shopping website @wardrobeicons and editor of The ICONS Update magazine and probably one of the coolest girls in the city. And her wardrobe has more of effortless kind of vibe, which I think is perfect for the summer weather.


5. Sophie Goodwin


Sophie is a Stylist and the Fashion Director at TATLER, so you can trust to take some inspiration from her work outfits. Sophie keeps it really classical, really soft and feminine, which makes me want to throw open my wardrobe and dig out all my floral flowy dresses.


6. Serena Hood


Serena is a Fashion Retail & Brands Consultant and also a Contributing Style Editor for Tatler Magazine. And at the moment she is rocking maternity wear! You know it’s a good outfit when you wish you could buy from the maternity section too.


7. Alice Naylor-Leyland


A contributor to Vogue, Alice is giving us Sarah Jessica Parker vibes this season with her spring workwear. Fashion is something she takes seriously, and when you write for Vogue, is there any wonder?


8. Pandora Sykes


Miss Pandora Sykes has a lot going on. The former Sunday Times journalist now freelances and works as a consultant. When she’s not doing that she’s hosting the popular podcast The High Low. And when it comes to her fashion sense, I’m all over it.


9. Alex Stedman


The Freelance Fashion Editor always give us the best fashion tips from her Instagram, even when she was rocking the maternity wear you would have never believed it. Her style is quirky, but we can’t help but love it.


10. Camille Charriere


Camille brings Parisian chic to the city showing us she’s serious about her style. And of course, we only know her for her quirky fashion outfits that only she can pull off. But I can’t help but swoon over the effortless, stylish Parisian look.


11. Katherine Ormerond




I can’t get enough of this Content Consultant’s style. Every piece she wears I wish was in my wardrobe. Her office style is professional but with a modern take that breaks the boundaries of fashionless corporate wear. And if there’s anyone you should take style advice from, it’s her.


12. Lucy Williams


One of my favorite fashion inspirations is Lucy Williams. Her style is effortless and cool and there’s something carefree about it that it looks like she’s just thrown it on. That effortless chic is perfect for the season ahead and will still allow you to be professional.


13. Jessie Bush


If anyone knows how to dress its photographer, Jessie Bush. Her style has always been my crush and recently she has been giving me some major wedding inspiration! Jessie’s high-end looks are casual enough to be brilliant. Her style is professional but so cool at the same time.

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