6 Green Alternatives to Plastic Wrap & Baggies

If you’re taking steps towards a greener home, you might be finding yourself missing the convenience of your “old ways.” The convenience of tossing something in a plastic bag and to the back of the freezer, or that of wrapping half an onion in plastic.

That’s where these green alternatives come into play, to make your life easier! Just because they’re eco-friendly, doesn’t mean they don’t offer the same advantages as their disposable counterparts. Get our six green alternatives to plastic wrap and baggies, and say hello to a more sustainable lunch, fridge or trip!

1. Blue Avocado Storage Starter Kit // We’re loving the entire range of reusable storage bags from Blue Avocado, but this kit is the perfect place to start! The resealable bags are leak-proof, made of recycled PET, and perfect for packing lunches, meal prep or picnics.

2. Lunchskins Geometric Zip Bag // How cute is the print on this zipper bag? Made of quick-drying, lightweight fabric, it’s dishwasher safe, and it replaces 500 plastic bags in its lifespan. 

3. Bee’s Wrap Assorted 3 Pack // Plastic wrap be gone! This sustainable, natural alternative is washable, reusable and compostable, and you can easily use it to cover bowls, cut produce or to wrap sandwiches. 

4. Leson Silicone Storage Bags // These leak-proof ziplock bags are designed to hold both solids and liquids, which makes them ideal for freezing soups or stews. They’re also microwave safe and made of silicone, meaning you can use them time and time again.

5. Kids Konserve Mud Food Kozy // Pack sandwiches or snacks for when you’re on the go! This non-toxic, washable, recyclable food wrap also doubles as a place mat for impromptu picnics.

6. Planet Wise Tint Gallon Bag // Avoid plastic bags by using these colorful, FDA food-safe alternatives. The gallon size is perfect for packing lunch but there’s also an airport-ready quart size available.


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