15 Adult Lunchables So Good They’ll Make You Excited for Work

Prepping a week’s worth of lunches can feel boring and monotonous. When you’re eating the same thing every day of the week, eating can feel like a chore.

Enter Bento Boxes — the perfect way to make lunches fun again. Bento Boxes break up your lunch into different sections, which makes it easy to mix it up. It makes it easy to switch up the sides every day, so you aren’t eating the same exact meal five days in a row, (think celery and ranch as a side one day, but an apple with peanut butter the next, while keeping the main portion the same). Try it out this week with these 15 Bento Box recipes.


Source: It’s Liv B


Source: It’s Liv B


Source: Bless This Mess


Source: Wendolinia




Source: Momables



Source: The Kitchn


Source: Cooking In Sens


Source: Yum Box Lunch


Source: The Kitchn



Source: The Kitchn


Source: One Lovely Life

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