15 Recipes You Can Meal Prep with Chicken Breast

When I hear the words “meal prep,” my mind inevitably goes to choking down a week’s worth of bland, dry chicken breast. My roommates and I always say that we go through phases where we take month-long breaks from chicken because we get so sick of it so quickly. But fortunately, those days are over.

It turns out that all along I just wasn’t making the most out of the chicken I was meal prepping. Instead of just cooking chicken breast with garlic and a side of veggies and rice and expecting myself to like it for a week (I’m not the most creative cook, okay?), I just needed to find the right recipes. Chicken breast is definitely a staple (and is inexpensive!), and it doesn’t need to be boring. Here are the best chicken breast recipes to meal prep (that you’ll actually look forward to eating).


Source: Pinch of Yum




Source: Recipe Righter







Source: Budget Bytes


Source: Weary Chef


Source: 40 Aprons



Source: Cafe Delites



What are your favorite recipes to meal prep with chicken breast? 

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