A Guide to Skincare in Your 40s

It’s never too early to adopt healthy skincare habits. But is there ever a time it’s too late?

In short, the answer is NO! As women enter their 40s, there are a slew of changes happening in the body. Sun damage becomes more evident, skin’s elasticity decreases, and hormonal changes occur. It’s a perfect time to evaluate your routine, and make sure you’re using the best ingredients for this season in life.

In addition to getting enough sleep and being mindful of how you react to stress, we’ve put together some important habits to adopt in your 40s:


Hydration is always key, no matter what decade in life you find yourself. Half your body weight in ounces is an excellent rule of thumb. If you’re not crazy about plain water, try infusing it with fruit and herbs.


If exercise hasn’t been a part of your weekly routine, now is the time to add this crucial activity. Moving your body increases blood flow, nourishing skin cells with oxygen and nutrients. It’s also been proven to reverse signs of aging, even later in life.

Vitamin C

Applying a vitamin C serum daily helps fade pigmentation, brighten skin, and protect skin from harmful pollutants. Typically vitamin C is applied once (am), sometimes twice (am/pm), daily depending on product instructions.

Collagen Supplements

Taking collagen supplements daily provides skin with needed proteins. As we age our skin’s collagen production declines, and with it our elasticity. Adding essential protein supplements helps promote skin elasticity, resulting in vibrant skin health.

Eye Cream

Adding an eye cream to your daily routine, as well as nightly gives this delicate area the needed attention. Look for a daily eye cream with vitamin C as an ingredient, and the night-time eye cream should have retinol and/or peptides as the active ingredient.

Food Check

Eating whole foods rich in vitamins and minerals will help not only your body stay strong, but will encourage your skin health. Bone loss increases as estrogen production decreases. Studies have shown women with lower bone density are more likely to have deeper wrinkles. Feeding your body and bones calcium rich foods will help fight the effects of aging.


Retinol, a derivative of vitamin A, encourages skin cell production, reduces the appearance of fine lines and evens skin discoloration. Adding a nighttime step with this ingredient will reap huge benefits.

Sun Protection

As you introduce more active ingredients into your skincare routine, your sensitivity to the sun will increase. Be sure to always wear SPF, and when in the sun for prolonged periods, wear a hat and find shade.


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