10 DIY Beauty Gifts Everyone Will Love

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These soap bars check all the boxes that make a good gift, plus they’re excellent for making in big batches when you’ve got a long list and no more inspiration.

Exfoliating Homemade Soap Bars

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Spirulina, beetroot, mica, activated charcoal or cinnamon are just some of the natural powders you could use to make mineral eyeshadow. You can also finally achieve your dream of naming makeup colors! Wait, we all dream of that, don’t we?

Simple Mineral Eyeshadow 

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Both guys and gals can benefit from these sugar scrub bars – they work wonders against dry skin! No need to break the bank at LUSH, you can totally make them yourself.

DIY Sugar Scrub Bars 


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We all have tropical vacations on our minds during the cold winter months, so a mint mojito sounds about right! Whip up a batch of mint mojito bath salts for a refreshing holiday gift.

Mint Mojito DIY Bath Salts 

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How cool would it be to have your best friend or sister wear a perfume you made yourself? If this idea tickles your fancy, you should consider making this beeswax-based solid perfume for the holidays!

DIY Solid Perfume 

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Mulling Spice, Peppermint Latte or Gingerbread Cookie? You can make them all to mix and match for an easy, cost efficient gift.

Holiday Sugar Scrub Trio 

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Lip scrub is the ultimate stocking stuffer! You can make a slightly bigger batch to split in tins, print or handwrite a pretty label, and you have a small gift for all your girlfriends!

5 DIY Lip Scrub Recipes

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Who doesn’t love bath bombs? They’re always fun to get and even more so when they come with glitter. We like that you can pack a dozen of them as a bigger gift or just add the one as a stocking stuffer!

DIY Glitter Bath Bombs

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Did you know you could use essential oils on nails? We love this blend for the cuticles, and it makes a great gift next to a couple of non-toxic nail polish bottles in trendy colors.

DIY Roll On Cuticle Oil Blend

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Body conditioner is where lotion and soap meet to create the most wonderful, hydrating product for dry skin. And everyone I know has dry skin in winter, so…

Argan Rose Body Conditioner

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