22 Super Bowl Recipes That Won’t Ruin Your Healthy Resolutions

This Sunday is the day that football fans all over the country have been waiting for — the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams are heading to Atlanta to face off in the 2019 Super Bowl! Were you just as uninterested in that sentence as much as I was?

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of football. Nevertheless, there are some things I am excited for this weekend. Those some things being the commercials, the Maroon 5 and Travis Scott halftime performances, Tom Brady literally doing anything, and mostly the food. The food at the Super Bowl parties is something I can definitely root for.

As most of us are still trying to meet our healthy eating goals for the new year, eating at these gatherings can make it difficult to stay on track. If you want to celebrate the big game but still want to watch what you eat, here are 22 Super Bowl party recipes that won’t completely ruin your healthy resolutions:


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Do you have a favorite healthy, party recipe? Share it in the comments below!

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